Data center migration

Nowadays, most enterprise data center networks are applied with optical fiber, and parallel fiber (based on MPO system) connection becomes popular because it offers fast pre-termination cabling applications.

Multimode optical fiber cabling

Multimode fiber is still the main choice for most enterprise data centers, because it’s relatively cheaper compare to singlemode fiber. In addition, SWDM4 and new fiber type OM5 will be able to support longer distance transmission to extend the applications of multimode fiber.
Multiple fibers is the one way to fulfill high-speed network transmission, like 40GBASESR4. The other way is to build channels in one pair fiber by WDM.
One challenge to migrate higher speed rate network is lack of space. To meet the high-density fiber, more and more network designers are using MPO connectors.
LC duplex port can be replaced by MPO port when needed, under this way MPO connector can support up to 12times network than LC connector, because MPO has 8, 12 and 24 fiber versions.

MPO 12f connector is the accepted standard MPO port for singlemode and multimode, it has decades history and widely used in backbone applications. Because QSFP applications don’t use all 12F in MPO connector, the central 4fiber of MPO 12 connector are left unused to mate with QSFP 8ports.

MPO 24f connector is probably the most cost-effective way to apply duplex and parallel optical system, it provides 24cores in one single connector, has higher density than 3pcs MPO 8 or 2pcs MPO 12 connector, and saves cleaning and inspection time for installing MPO system.
Compare to MPO-8 or MPO-12 system, MPO-24 system used more widely in parallel applications. 100G SR-10 applications require 10piar 10x10G configured multimode fiber, some suppliers extend it to 12x10G switch ports. MPO-24 fits well for these 100G and 120G applications.

MPO cabling is fast, flexible and volume-extendable. FSGis specializing in manufacturing high standard MPO cables and dedicated to offer excellent solutions for your data center system.

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