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MPO Connector

MPO Round Connector
MPO Connector Round Boot
MPO Connector Oval Jacket Cable
MPO Connector Flat Boot
MPO Connector for Bare Ribbon Fiber
MPO Connector Bare Fiber Boot

MPO Round Connector
2.0mm, 3.0mm boot available, for round cable

MPO Connector Flat Boot
Flat boot is for jacketed ribbon cable or 12/24 strands 0.9mm fiber

MPO Connector Ribbon Bare Boot
The mini boot is for 250um ribbon fiber

MPO connector is designed for high-density transmission and space-saving applications. Each individual MPO connector contains 8, 12 or 24 strands of fiber through an MT ferrule, which provides quick and reliable interconnections with guide pin. MPO connector with guide pin called male type, and female type if without guide pin, the two mate together in the adapter. MPO connector normally assembled as MPO cable to fulfill the functions.


  • High performance IL & RL
  • Housing can be removed for re-polishing
  • Can be un-plugged from adapter with push-pull tab
  • Available for 45-degree, 90-degree and flexible boot
  • IEC 61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 Compliant for MPO/MTP interfaces


  • Telecommunication networks
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Optical Switch interframe connections
  • Premise installations


Item MPO Connector (8F, 12F, 24F)
Mode Single Mode Multi Mode
Durability <0.2dB (500 matings)
Fiber Diameter 9/125um 50/125um & 62.5/125um
Insertion Loss (Standard) <0.60dB <0.35dB
Low Insertion Loss <0.35dB <0.35dB
Return Loss APC ≧55dB ≧20dB
Operating Temp. (℃) -40℃ ~ +80℃
Storage Temp. (℃) -40℃ ~ +80℃

MPO Connector with Angled Boot

MPO-Connector Flexible Boot
MPO Connector 45° Boot
MPO Connector 90° Boot

Flexible Boot

45° Boot

90° Boot

Micro MPO Connector

FSG’s micro MPO connector is an unique design for ribbons and high-density applications. It’s the shortest MPO connector in the market, its length only 17.8mm. Polarity can be changed without opening the housing or using any special tool. Pull tab is available for this connector

Micro MPO Connector
Micro MPO Connector Drawing
MPO MTX Connector

MPO MTX Connector

In this patented MPO connector, there is keyway on both sides, you can change polarity easily by pulling in or pulling out the keyway on either side.
MTX Connector Step Chart

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