What is MPO Connector?

MPO connector is a type of fiber optic connector, developed NTT Japan in 1980s.
MPO is short for Multi-fiber Push On, the connector accommodates 12-32fibers.
Common MPO connectors are 12 and 24 fibers, which is decided by MT ferrule.

MPO OM4 Connector Male Type

What consist of MPO connector?

In a MPO Connector, it includes two parts: MPO Connector Kits and MT Ferrule.

1, MPO connector kits: Dust Cap, Outer Housing, (Guide Pin) Pin Keeper, Spring, Rear Body, Crimp Ring, Boot.
*Guide Pin only appears in the male type connector, female type doesn’t have it.

 FSG MPO Connector Parts

To fit for different applications and distinguish themselves from different types, there are varied designed MPO connectors, most differences are in outer housing color, boot shape, and connector length etc. Below are some types from FSG product list.

 FSG MPO Connector Kits

FSG MT Ferrule

2, MT Ferrule

MT Ferrule is one of the key parts in the connector. Optical properties like insertion loss & return loss of connector is mostly depend on the quality of ferrule.

What is MTP fiber connector?

MTP is a brand name, it’s improved version of of MPO connectors. In other words, MTP is a type of MPO connectors, MTP connector is compatible with MPO connector.

What is the application of MPO connector?

By assembling into MPO cable, MPO connector is widely used in many high density networks, ie 40G/100G networks.
In data center applications, multi-fiber MPO connectors have advantages of containing more fibers in a single cable, which saves more space in the rack.

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