MPO/MTP Trunk Patch Cable

For Data Center Cabling & 40G/100G Network Solutions



MPO/MTP trunk cables are designed for high-density application which offers excellent benefits in terms of installation time and space saving. The cable assemblies are used in data center, telecom and backbone application for 10-100G connectivity. FSG MPO cables are factory pre-terminated, tested and packed along with test reports. They are built with high-quality components of self-produced MT ferrules and FSG brand connector kits.

MPO to MPO OM4 12/24F Patch Cord

MPO to MPO OM3 40G/100G Fiber Patch Cable

MPO to MPO OM4 12/24F Patch Cord

MPO to MPO OM4 12/24F Patch Cord

MPO to MPO OM4 12/24F Patch Cord

MPO to MPO MM Optical Trunk Cable

MPO to MPO SM G657A Patch Cord

MPO to MPO SM G657A Patch Cord

MPO to MPO SM Elite Low Loss Trunk Cable

MPO to MPO SM Elite Low Loss Trunk Cable


• Data Center Cabling

• High-Density Cross Connect

• Backbone Installations

• 10G-100G Interconnection

Standards Compliance

• RoHS & UL

• EIA/TIA-455-21A

• TIA 604-5 (FOCIS 5)

• Telcordia GR-326-CORE

• IEC61754-7


• High performance in IL & RL

• Insertion Loss 0.35dB

• 100% 3D Test

• IEC 61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5

• Compliant for MPO/MTP interfaces

MPO-MPO 12F Low Loss Singlemode Trunk Patch Cable

MPO trunk cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles. MPO trunk cable is for 40G QSFP+ SR4/CSR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4 optics direct connection and high-density data center applications, 12-144cores are available.


Item MPO Connector (8F, 12F, 24F)
Connector Type MPO Female, Male/MTP Female, Male
Connector Brand US Conec MTP,  FSG MPO
Polarity Type A, Type B, Type C
Cable Jacket LSZH, PVC, OFNR, OFNR
Durability ≦0.2dB (500 matings)
Fiber Mode Single Mode Multi Mode
Fiber Diameter 9/125um 50/125um & 62.5/125um
Insertion Loss (Standard) ≦0.60dB ≦0.6dB
Low Insertion Loss ≦0.35dB ≦0.35dB
Return Loss APC ≧55dB ≧20dB
Operating Temp. (℃) -40(℃) ~ +80(℃)
Storage Temp. (℃) -40(℃) ~ +80(℃)

Low insertion loss 0.35dB for MM MPO

FSG MPO connector features the industry’s highest-precision thermoplastic ferrule, designed to 0.35dB IL for elite. Standard loss 0.6dB.

FSG MPO Connector
12F OM3 MPO Trunk Cable

100% 3D Interferometer Test

Besides insertion loss, 3D geometry data affects the performances for MPO connector. For MT ferrule, it’s more complex than normal ceramic ferrule to control 3D, however, FSG tests 3D 100% strictly.

High Standard Cable

G657A1/G657A2 singlemode, OM3 & OM4 multimode fiber, with Kevlar, LSZH/PVC, OFNR/OFNP jacket. We make MPO patch cord with high quality fiber cables.

MPO OM3 Aqua 40G Patch Cable

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