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MT Ferrule

for MPO Connector & 100G/400G
Optical Transceiver Module

FSG MT Ferrules
12F Pre-angled MT Ferrule

MT stands for mechanical transfer. MT ferrule is a type of ferrule used in high-density optical fiber connectors, such as MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) and MTP (Multifiber Termination Push-on). Standard MT ferrule has a square end-face of 6.4×2.5 mm that holds and aligns multiple fibers in a compact form factor. It provides improved optical performance by precisely aligning the fibers and minimizing the loss of light between them.

FSG MT ferrules are available from 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 36 & 48cores

MT ferrules are widely applied in multiple optical connectors like MPO/MTP, QSFP+ transceivers, active optical cables (AOC cable), and also suitable for custom designed passive or active fiber coupling packages.

Mini MT Ferrule
MT Ferrule

MT ferrule is a key component in high-density fiber optic connectivity and is commonly used in data centers, telecommunications networks, and other high-bandwidth applications. MT ferrule provides a cost-effective solution for high-density fiber optic connectivity, enabling higher fiber count and increased data transmission capacity.

The use of MT ferrules helps reduce the amount of physical space needed for fiber optic cabling, making it ideal for applications with limited space.

Short MT Ferrules

12F 1.25x4mm MT Ferrule
12F 1.25x4mm
12F 1.15x4 mm MT Ferrule
12F 1.15x4 mm
12F 2.5x4mm MT Ferrule
12F 2.5x4mm
12F 2.5x4mm MT Ferrule
16F 1.25x4mm

Pre-angled APC MT Ferrules

12F SM Low Loss V-type
12F SM Low Loss V-type
Pre-angled 24F SM Low Loss MT Ferrule
24F SM Low Loss
36F SM Standard MT Ferrule
36F SM Standard

Special MT Ferrules

FSG produces all standard types MT ferrules, and help customers make customized designs as well.

Guide Pin (Male Pin)

Guide Pin for MT Ferrule

Guide Pin + Pin Keeper Assy 3.0mm (Common Type)

Male Pin for MT Ferrule

Guide Pin + Pin Keeper Assy Slice Type

Optical Performances

MT FerruleTypeInsertion Loss (dB)
12FSM - Standard0.500.30
SM - Low Loss0.350.20
MM -Standard0.500.10
MM - Low Loss0.350.05
16FSM - Standard0.700.30
SM - Low Loss0.350.20
MM -Standard0.600.15
MM - Low Loss0.350.10
24FSM - Standard0.700.45
SM - Low Loss0.350.20
MM -Standard0.600.20
MM - Low Loss0.350.15
32FSM - Standard//
SM - Low Loss//
MM -Standard0.700.15
MM - Low Loss//
48FSM - Standard//
SM - Low Loss//
MM -Standard0.700.30
MM - Low Loss//


MT Ferrule is widely used in high density fiber networks as a key component. Besides MPO/MTP connectors, the ferrule is assembled with MT/Fiber Array/PM Panda Fiber/Ceramic Ferrules as devices used in modules and optical transceivers.

1. MPO Connector

2. MT Assemblies

MT Assemblies

3. MPO Cable Assemblies

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