MT Ferrule

for MPO Connector & 100G-800G Optical Transceiver Module
High Density Network & Data Centers

MT Ferrule MPO Ferrule MT Connector
Pre angled APC 12F SM MT Ferrule

MT stands for mechanical transfer. MT ferrule is a type of ferrule used in high-density optical fiber connectors, such as MPO connector (Multi-fiber Push On) and MTP (Multifiber Termination Push-on). Standard MT ferrule has a square end-face of 6.4×2.5 mm that holds and aligns multiple fibers in a compact form factor. It provides improved optical performance by precisely aligning the fibers and minimizing the loss of light between them.

FSG provides MT/MPO ferrules from 12, 16, 24, 32, 36 to 48cores, and custom solutions available.

MT ferrule is a key component in high-density fiber optic connectivity and is commonly used in data centers, telecommunications networks, and other high-bandwidth applications.

MT ferrule provides a cost-effective solution for high-density fiber optic connectivity, enabling higher fiber count and increased data transmission capacity.

The use of MT ferrules helps reduce the amount of physical space needed for fiber optic cabling, making it ideal for applications with limited space.

MT ferrules are widely applied in multiple optical connectors like MPO/MTP, QSFP+ transceivers, active optical cables (AOC cable), mpo cables, and also suitable for custom designed passive or active fiber coupling packages.

Regular MT Ferrules

MT Ferrule 12F MM
FSG 16F SM MT Ferrule
24F MT Ferrule
32F MT Ferrule

Short MT Ferrules

1.25x4mm 12F
MT Ferrule 12F 1.25x6mm
1.25x6mm 12F
12F 2.5x6mm MT Ferrule
2.5x4mm 12F
MT Ferrule 1.25x4mm 14F
1.25x4mm 14F


12/24 cores MT FerruleTypeFiber Hole (um)Pin Hole (um)Eccentricity(um)Insertion Loss (dB)
MM126+2/-0700+1/-1          2.50.500.20
ML126+1/-0700+1/-1          1.40.350.20
SM125.2+1/-0700+0/-1          1.40.500.20
SMLL125.2+0.5/-0699+0.5/-0          0.70.350.20

MT Ferrule Inspection

Yagishita Giken

High precision MT connector Inspection, measuring MT ferrule x & Y axis for fiber holes and male pin holes.

( Click image to enlarge )

Guide Pin (Male Pin)

Guide pin (also known as male pin) plays a crucial role in ensuring precise alignment and secure mating between MT ferrule connectors. It’s also referred to as male pins due to their protruding structure that fits into corresponding holes on the opposing connector.

Guide pins are primarily utilized in connectors like MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-On), where multiple fibers need to be precisely aligned and mated simultaneously. It helps to guide the connectors into proper alignment during the mating process. This alignment is crucial for maintaining low insertion loss and high signal integrity in fiber optic systems.

There are different shape of pin clamps to fit for varying devices requirements.

MT Ferrule Male Guide Pin
Standard Pin Clamp
MT Ferrule Slice Guide Pin Clamp
Slice Pin Clamp

Guide Pin Inspection

Union Tool Digital Passameter DS-2000

0.01μm resolution using a contact probe, for MT ferrule male pin & ferrule mold accessories.

( Click image to enlarge )
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