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MPO Trunk Cables 12-144F

for Data Center Cabling

MPO Cable Assemblies
in Data Center

144F MPO Data Center Cables

MPO cable assemblies are commonly used in data centers for high-density fiber optic connectivity. The high-density design of MPO connectors allows for up to 12 fibers in a compact form factor, providing increased bandwidth and improved data transmission capacity. This makes MPO cable assemblies ideal for data center applications where high-speed data transfer and large amounts of data storage are required.

MPO cable assemblies can be used in various data center configurations, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and parallel optics. They can also be terminated using different methods, including pre-polished, mechanical splice, and fusion splice, depending on the specific requirements of the system.

Data Center Cabling

MPO cables provide scalability and future-proofing for data centers. As data centers grow and expand, they often require additional fiber optic connections to support the increasing demand for bandwidth. MPO cable assemblies provide the ability to add more fibers in the future, allowing data centers to keep up with growing demands for bandwidth and data storage.

144F MPO Data Center Cables

Cable Constructions

Most trunk cables have subunits of 12F  2.0mm tubes inside, from 48F-144F. To increase density, N*24F design is also available, especially for 288F/336F cables.

ModelGJFH (dB)
Fiber Cores487296144
Unit OD(mm)1.9±0.1
4x12F MPO Cable


6x12F MPO Cable


8x12F MPO Cable


12x12F MPO Cable



To provide good protection for MPO trunk cables, FSG packs long cables with strong but light drums. Hauling tube at one side helps unwrap cables from drum.

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