What is MPO?

MPO stands for “Multi-fiber Push On“, which is a type of fiber optic connector developed by NTT Japan during the 1980s. MPO is mainly used for high bandwidth & high-density applications, parallel optic system and data centers. 12 and 24 fiber MPO are the most popular types and currently used to connect 40G and 100G transceiver modules.
MPO connector consists of MPO connector kits and MT ferrule (mechanical transfer).

 FSG MPO Connector Kits

What is MTP?

MTP is a trademark of MPO connector owned by US Conec. It improves performances of standard MPO connectors in several aspects, includes mechanical and optical properties.
MTP connector is fully compliant with MPO standards of IEC-61754-7 and TIA-604-5(FOCIS5), and are interchangeable and 100% compatible with each other. It means you can interconnect MTP and MPO directly during applications.

USConec MTP Connector

FSG MPO Connector

What’s the difference between MPO and MTP?

  1. The MTP connector has removable housing.
  2. The MTP has a floating ferrule to improve mechanical performance
  3. The MTP connector uses tightly held tolerance stainless steel elliptical guide pin tips.
  4. The MTP connector has a metal pin clamp with features for centering the push spring.
  5. The MTP connector spring design maximizes ribbon clearance for twelve fiber and multi-fiber ribbon applications to prevent fiber damage.
  6. The MTP connector is offered with four strain relief boot variations to meet a wide array of applications.

Above are the original 6 aspects made MTP different from MPO. But as the techniques developed, MPO connector suppliers are also upgrading products to have the best performances, some are offering advanced MPO connectors with similar features of MTP and have all same features that made MTP different at the beginning. For instance, in the FSG product list, we also have types with removable housing and floating ferrule etc.

How should I choose from MPO and MTP?

If you are looking for multi-fiber cable for data center or telecommunication applications, you can choose either MPO or MTP, and they are 100% compatible.
It’s very easy to remember that MPO is an interface type, there are many different suppliers offering such products, MTP is one of the brands which offers higher performances. However, USConec only provides connector kits and MT ferrule, they don’t assemble the parts into MTP or MPO cables, which are the products required in the network. Then you might need to procure finished cables from a manufacturer like FSG, we produce the cable with our own FSG brand MPO connectors or MTP connectors.

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