FSG Boosts MT Ferrule Production Capacity to Meet the Growing Demand for AI Applications

FSG, a leading supplier of high-speed, high-density, and multi-channel MT ferrules, continues to ramp up its production capacity as the demand for optical communication solutions driven by AI applications surges. With the recent addition of 20 new injection molding machines, FSG has achieved another milestone, raising its monthly production capacity to 8 million pcs by November 2023, with an anticipated increase to 10 million pcs by January 2024, and becoming the world’s largest MT ferrule supplier. This continuous expansion highlights FSG’s commitment to meeting the thriving demand in the AI market.
New Machines Arrival
As AI-driven data center optical interconnect demand continues to rise, there is an increasing need for high-speed optical modules and high-density MPO fiber optic connectors. MT connectors play a vital role in MPO connectors, MPO cables, which serve as high-density fiber optic transmission connectors used for establishing optical pathways. MPO fiber optic connectors are employed to facilitate connections between high-speed 100G/200G/400G/800G optical modules, servers, and switches, thereby enhancing the density of fiber optic connections.
New Injection Molding Machines
Another application of MT ferrules lies in internally connecting optical lenses to external optical interfaces within high-speed optical modules, such as MT-FA, MT-MT, MT-jumpers, integrated into high-speed multi-channel optical module boards. “We are thrilled to witness the growing demand for AI-driven optical communication solutions,” said Mr. Xuan, Founder of FSG. “By continually expanding our production capacity, we are dedicated to meeting the market requirements and providing our customers with high-quality MT connectors that play a pivotal role in enabling efficient and high-performance optical connectivity.” With its ongoing efforts to meet the escalating demand in the AI market, FSG remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive the advancement of optical communication technology.
Reported from Fiber Optic Forum C-fol.net, https://www.c-fol.net/news/3_202311/20231107082923.html
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