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MT Ferrule, for MPO Connectors & 40G/100G Transceivers

MT stands for mechanical transfer.
MT ferrule is a multi-core polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) ferrule with a square end-face of 6.4×2.5 mm and 0.25mm pitch.
The alignment mechanism consists of two stainless steel guide pins that fit into precisely molded alignment holes.

MT Ferrule Elite
MT Ferrule 12F

MT ferrules are widely applied in multiple optical connectors like MPO/MTP, QSFP+ transceivers, active optical cables (AOC cable), and also suitable for custom designed passive or active fiber coupling packages.
Fiber is secured to the ferrules with an optical connector grade thermal cure epoxy and can be polished with a variety of commercially available batch connector polishing machines.
FSG’s highly stable, PPS material MT ferrule allows preparation of fiber tip protrusion with reduced polishing time and force resulting in superior end-face geometry control.
FSG MT ferrule are available from 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32cores, standard loss and Elite low loss type, of them 12 and 24 fiber MT ferrules are the most commonly used types, particularly for MPO connectors.

MT Ferrule 12 16 24 cores

MT Ferrule from 2-32 cores


Ferrule HoleTypeHole Diameter (mm)Guide Pin Hole Diameter(mm)Eccentricity
12-FiberMM Standard0.127±0.0010.7±0.001< 0.0025
MM Low Loss0.1265±0.00050.7+0/-0.001< 0.0014
SM Standard0.1255+0.0005/-00.7+0/-0.001< 0.0014
24-FiberMM Standard0.127±0.0010.7±0.001< 0.0025
MM Low Loss0.1265±0.00050.7+0/-0.001< 0.0014
SM Standard0.1255+0.0005/-00.7+0/-0.001< 0.0014
Ferrule HoleTypeHole Diameter (mm)Guide Pin Hole Diameter(mm)Eccentricity
16-FiberMM Standard0.127±0.0010.55±0.001< 0.0025
MM Low Loss0.1265±0.00050.55+0/-0.001< 0.0014
SM Standard0.1255+0.0005/-00.55+0/-0.001< 0.0014
32-FiberMM Standard0.127±0.0010.55±0.001< 0.0025

Optical Properties

Fiber ModeMultimode MT FerruleSingle-mode MT Ferrule
Insertion LossStandardLow LossStandardLow Loss
0.20dB Typical0.1dB Typical0.25dB Typical0.1dB Typical
0.60dB Maximum0.35dB Maximum0.75dB Maximum0.35dB Maximum
Return Loss> 20dB> 60dB (8° Angle Polish)

MT Fiber Applications

MT Ferrule is widely used in high density fiber networks as a key component. Besides MPO/MTP connectors, MT ferrule is assembled with MT ferrule/Fiber Array/PM Panda Fiber/Ceramic Ferrules as devices used in modules and optical transceivers. Recent years, MT ferrule is also used in HDMI 2.1 cable for 8K HD televersion.

MT to MT short fiber

MT to MT high precision cable

Mini short MT ferrule

Short MT Ferrule 1.25*4mm

MT to MT

MT Fiber

MT to FA Fiber

MT- Fiber Array Assembly

MT to Fiber Array assembly can be used inside of an optical device package as light output /input which has MPO connector to system board instead of using long fiber and rubber boots outside the device. Therefore it can reduce the package size and fiber routing space.


  • From Single Channel to 64Channels
  • High Precise Fiber Core-to-Core Accuracy High Precise Polishing Angle
  • Low Insertion Loss and High Reliability
  • Telcordia GR-1209 & GR-1221-CORE Compliant

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