Should I install singlemode or multimode fiber in my network?

While some people choose to install singlemode fiber because of it’s high bandwidth, multimode fiber continues to be a popular choice for enterprise applications. Newer grades of multimode fiber, such as OM4 laser optimized fiber and OM5, wideband multimode fiber, have the bandwidth to support most applications over the distances required, plus the cost for the optics remains lower than [...]

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What is polarity? And why is it important?

Polarity defines direction of flow, such as the direction of a magnetic field or an electrical current. In fiber optics, it defines the direction that light signals travels through an optical fiber. To properly send data via light signals, a fiber optic link’s transmit signal (Tx) at one end of the cable must match the corresponding receiver (Rx) at the [...]

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What type of fiber do you recommend for data center applications?

To support the high bandwidths required in data centers, most companies are installing at least OM4, laser optimized multimode fiber. Some companies are installing single-mode fiber, but that requires more expensive optics. A new option that is emerging is OM5, a wide bandwidth multimode fiber which allows short wavelength division multiplexing. This means the fiber can carry multiple wavelengths of [...]

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Which MPO connector should I use?

The three most common MPO connector options are MPO-8, MPO-12 and MPO-24. MPO-8 is a legacy standard for the QSFPs, coming out of the transceivers running 40 Gigabit or 100 Gigabits. It is used for both multimode and singlemode transceivers and breakouts, but offers the lowest density option, because you’ll have to have more components for the MPO-8 as you [...]

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What is MPO/MTP?

MPO stands for Multiple-Fiber Push-On/Pull-Off, it is multi-fiber connectors designed by NTT. MPO connector is built on the MT-style ferrule and the MT (mechanical transfer) ferrule is designed to hold up to 32 fibers in a ferrule and is ideally suitable for high-density transmission. MTP stands for Multifiber Termination Push-On and is a trademark of USCONEC for high performance MPO Connectors. MTP is popular in the United States and [...]

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What is the difference between MPO and MPO?

MTP connector has some features and benefits that are not available on standard MPO connectors, including removable housing & floating ferrule etc. Click here to learn more. Even though the differences, MPO and MTP connectors are 100% compatible.

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